What Today’s Sellers Need to Know About Today’s Buyers

When taking part in a real estate transaction it can definitely come in handy to understand what might be going on in the other parties mind.  Today I am going to post about what sellers need to know about the buyers, and tomorrow I am going to post about what buyers might need to know about sellers in the current market.

-Many buyers out there right now are experienced; they were out searching for homes right before the market crashed, but didn’t end up purchasing and have been waiting for the prices to hit bottom

Picture1-New buyers are tech-savvy and have been watching the market from a distance, just waiting for the right time to jump in

-They are more forgiving and are willing to pay a little bit more than buyers of the past

-They are confident that now is the right time to buy and they are on a mission to make that happen

You can read the full article here to learn a bit more about each of these points and to see some advice for today’s sellers.