Is the housing market just rebounding or is there a new bubble forming?


Since the housing market is making such a nice recovery many people are beginning to wonder if a new bubble is forming and are worried that homes are going to be overvalued, just like in 2006-2007.

Experts have pointed out that even though there has been a large increase in home prices, nationally they are still undervalued by 7% and in 91% of the major metropolitan markets.  Even though there are markets that are currently overvalued, the highest ones (such as Orange County and Austin) are by only 9% and 5%, which is NOWHERE near the 06′-07′ levels of 71% and 12%, respectively.

There are also a few reasons that there will not be another bubble, simply based on the supply and demand of inventory:

  • Supply is on the rise
  • Demand will begin decresing in some demographics
  • As mortgage interest rates rise, buyers won’t be able to afford as much

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