A Huge Thank You from The Greenwood Food Bank and a Chance to Raise More $$$$!

**Please help us raise even more money for them by clicking on this link, logging into Facebook, and either “like” or comment on the picture!  Thank you!!!”

My office, Windermere Real Estate / FN – Seattle Northwest,  received a wonderful thank you message from our friends over at the Greenwood Food Bank:

“A HUGE thank you for all your help last Friday! You sorted at least three pallets of donations, repackaged frozen fish, crated canned and dry goods, repacked bulk dry goods, packed “no-cook” bags for our clients without access to a kitchen, cut postcards, cleaned the floors, and a couple kiddos even decorated home delivery bags! You all are so efficient and enthusiastic. Also, a big thanks for the generous donation!  =]

I’m so glad we were able to have another successful Community Service Day. The photos are posted on our Facebook page and let me know if you need me to send you them. Already looking forward to 2014!”

Here are some of the pictures that they captured: