12 Tips for First Time Homebuyers


  • Be both emotionally and financially ready to buy a home
  • Find the right real estate agent and mortgage broker for you
  • Get your finances straightened out and get approved first
  • Calculate all costs, including the more hidden ones such as repairs and maintenance
  • Keep some money in the bank
  • Focus on the things that are either hard to change or unchangeable when looking at homes
  • If applicable, know the HOA rules
  • Visit neighborhoods at various times of day to get a better grasp of whats going on
  • Talk to the neighbors
  • Learn about the different contingencies that could be in your offer, and think about which ones you are willing to waive
  • Be ready to move quickly once you find “the one”
  • Know your “must haves” and where you are willing to compromise

Check out the full article here, along with more info to go along with each tip listed above!