Decorating with Fall Colors

Whether you’re thinking to paint an entire room to match the season or just want to decorate with accent pillows, lamps and other accessories, here are a few ideas for bringing the colors of autumn into your home.

Naturals and neutrals harmonize well when used as a base for the colors of fall. Set an earthy neutral as your base color and decorate with accessories in the bolder colors to set a fall mood.

Harvest yellows can brighten a room even on an overcast fall afternoon. Lamp bases on the mantle or framed fall botanical or other artwork using yellow will pop against a textured brick fireplace or wall.

A splash of orange can create a modern feel. Paint cabinet door fronts or the back wall of a bookcase to draw attention to your favorite tomes.

Red, rusts and chocolates can add a rich warmth and sense of refinement to a room. In the dining room, a tablecloth or accent wall in rust or crimson can stimulate the appetite in advance of your next fall feast.

Lastly, bringing colorful autumn foliage into your home is a temporary way to create a natural fall display. Use tree branches cut during fall yard maintenance along with pumpkins from your garden, all around the house.